Over the last several months, we have received a lot of questions, DMs, and emails about becoming an athlete. Up until this point we were only taking on athletes in the DFW metroplex due to the fact that we could set up photo shoots with them.

However, that’s about to change.

Today, we would like to go over a few things to let you know how you can become a part of the Gympire team. As you read through the following, please keep in mind that we are still a new company and we must be efficient with our resources in order to continue to build the Gympire.

Investing in the Relationship

Becoming an athlete means you are part of our team, part of our family. We have a relationship with you. As with any healthy relationship it is a two party investment. Both sides must give in order to achieve a larger goal.

With this said, if you are truly interested in our brand, you must first demonstrate to us a level of investment. For example: Have you purchased any of our gear? Have you posted about it on your social media? Have your written a blog for us? Have you actively engaged with our community?

Please understand that it is not practical for us to simply provide you with free gear because you asked nicely. We are a growing company and are looking to help athletes who are willing to assist us with our vision, mission, and goals.

What We Are Looking For

Being a values driven company, it is important that our athletes live and breathe our philosophy. Aside from this, we do not have a certain criteria for taking on athletes. Individuality is one of our values. The world needs what you got and so do we. If you take a look, you’ll notice that all of our current athletes bring their own joyful, passionate, and personal twist to the team. We love this! We are not looking for a cookie cutter squad. We want YOU; the real you, in all of your fantastic glory.

Be able to identify what makes you unique and how that unique nature or ability can inspire others to become greater versions of themselves. Gympire is not about the individual. It’s about how we can work together to positively influence the world and make a difference.

Positions, Qualifications, Requirements, and Benefits

There are two different positions you can apply for when joining our team: an athlete/ model or an athlete/ ambassador. The following is a break down of each:


  • Description: This position is offered to those athletes living in the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex. This is so we can take high quality photos for our social media, which is extremely important to us in this phase of our business development.
  • Qualifications: Your lifestyle must be congruent with our philosophy. It is also important that you know your body and you are comfortable in front of a camera and the handful of strangers that will be photographing you.
  • Requirements:  The first photo shoot is an interview and an investment on your part. It will require approximately an hour of your time and you must already have Gympire gear. There will be no compensation for this shoot. We will take pictures of you for an hour at a location of our choosing and then later review the pics to see if we can use a significant amount of them. If we can, you will be offered a position.
  • Benefits: The compensation for the athlete/ model position is free gear. Since we are a growing company, bartering is how we pay.


  • Description: This position is for those who do not live in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex but still want to get involved and be a part of the Gympire team.
  • Qualifications: Your lifestyle must be congruent with our philosophy.
  • Requirements: You must have been featured on the Gympire page at least once. This let’s us know that you have already made an initial investment and we can move forward to invest in you.
  • Benefits: Athletes/ ambassadors will be compensated with a personalized discount code. There are three tiers in which we will or can invest in you:
    • 10% Code- This is the entry level/ interview code, if you will. When you decide that you want to be an ambassador, this is the first code you will receive. Take pics, upload pics, post your code, and rock out. You will stay in this category for no less than a month. This is to demonstrate your level of commitment to our vision, mission, values, products, and goals. Once we feel that you are committed, we will bump you up to the next level.
    • 15% Code- This is the intermediate code. At this level, you have shown us that you are involved in our brand and wish to join us on our journey. Keep doing what you do; demonstrating the values, spreading the love, and telling people about the brand. You will stay here for no less than a month.
    • 20% Code- You’re in and we’re so excited to have you! You have sent over or tagged us in quality pics and we can used them to enhance our social media. We will refer to you as our athlete and we will repost you on the reg. We will also let you know about new products as early as possible so you can get first dibs on hot new items. At this level, we view you as part of the Gympire family. Continue spreading the word.
    • NOTE: It is your responsibility to let us know when you’re nearing a month so we can review the facts and possibly bump you up to the next level.
    • NOTE: If we notice that you have been inactive for at least a month, your code will be deactivated.

Getting Setup

Before going any further, let us first say thank you for your interest in Gympire. We greatly appreciate the love and support and we look forward to working with you in the future. We want to make sure we fill our team with the best of the best so please give us approximately a week to get to your submission, review the information, and get back to you. Thank you in advance!

Now, let’s get to it!

Become an Athlete

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