Toy Drive

Christmas, a time filled with joy, laughter, good food, and good company. A warm fuzzy holiday where magic happens and everyone seems to be overflowing with love. A time where lifting in Santa hats becomes the norm and bulking season is in full effect. A time where flying reindeer aren’t absurd and a fat man can fit down a chimney.

Christmas, such a wonderful holiday.

Unfortunately, for some, Santa doesn’t make his rounds to every household, which leaves some kiddos with little to no gifts under their Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

This year, we’d like to be the chronic bulker who delivers the goods!

Toy Drive Locations

Our athletes have come together to set up mini toy drives all of the footprint in order to make this Christmas a bit merrier for those children who otherwise would not have presents to open on Christmas Day. Each location will have a “toy box” to collect donations in and some informational material that will let you know exactly where items will be going. Donate with the team members below:

Website Donations

If you do not happen to be near a toy drop off location, fear not. We have also set up an area on our website where you can make a monetary donation. All funds collected from the Gympire website will either be used to purchase toys and then donated or donated directly as cash to Avance Dallas.

Mail-in Your Donation

If you’d prefer to send us an item to donate instead of making a cash donation, you are more than welcome to send your gift(s) to the following address:

1079 W. Round Grove Rd
Suite 300-133
Lewisville, TX 75067

Items sent to the above address will be lumped into the North Texas Gympire Toy Drive collection and then donated to Avance Dallas.

Individually we can make a difference but together we can change the world.

As a community filled with leaders and good hearts, it will take all of us to change the world but it all starts with you, the individual. Join us in making this holiday season a little bit brighter. Your donation will mean the world to the child who receives it and, together, we can create a Christmas filled with even more merry and love.

Thank you!

Click here to make a website donation.

 XMas website

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