Defining Gympire

Over the last couple of months, the Gympire HQ has been going back and forth with the brand, thinking about what it is, what it could be, and what it is becoming. When Gympire was first created, there was a sense of “do it now or forever hold your peace” mindset. Although there was some foundation to stand upon and a philosophy to guide our decisions, there was still a lot to be uncovered about the brand. We had a rough outline of who we wanted to be but very few colors shaded the areas in between.

Today, we are proud to announce that we have a very clear understanding of the brand we wish to create and present to the world. We’d like to share that with you.

Defining Gympire

NOTE: Some of the following facets might overlap but for clarification, we have isolated them in the list below. Also, some of them may seem to be things that we have previously implemented but our perspective on them has shifted, which means how we plan to deliver them is now new.

After a rigorous thought process, we at HQ have identified 8 attributes that will make up the Gympire brand. They are as follows but in no particular order:

  • Vegan
  • “Green”
  • Promoter of Self Love
  • Advocate of Philosophy
  • Promoter of Self Development
  • Nutritional Educator
  • Promoter of Mental Fitness
  • Promoter of Physical Fitness

Keep in mind that our mission is to change the world by inspiring and motivating the individual to become the best version of his or herself. This also means that Gympire, the brand, must be the best version of itself as to lead by example. We believe that each of the 8 factors mentioned above do just that. They are a direct interpretation of what we perceive to be the best brand.


Whether it is for health, compassion, environmental impact, or other, there are several reasons to believe that veganism is not only just a positive way of eating but also the best lifestyle we can choose for ourselves, our community, and the planet at large. It has recently come to our attention that the animal agriculture industry is a dark and devastating industry. We won’t go into much detail here because that is not what this blog entry is about. We just want to be clear that due to the mass destruction of this industry we are unable to further support it or the foods, products, and ideas that come from it.

What this means: Understand that our goal is not to shun individuals who are currently supporting this industry. We have built a relationship with all of you and, although some of us may have different perspectives, we don’t feel any differently about your awesomeness. What this does mean is that moving forward our products, posts, blog entries, and so on will all be vegan and we will not be promoting anything but a vegan lifestyle on any of our social medium.

Is our main agenda to convert you?


Are we going to cram veganism down your throat?


We’ve been living a vegan social media life for a couple of months now. Did you notice? Exactly, it will be the same.

Going Green

Have you ever heard of store ownership? If you’ve ever worked in retail you might have heard these words before. If you haven’t, the term simply means to act as if you own the store. It means taking pride in your work or company as if you owned it even if you don’t. We have Earth ownership. This is our planet and we want to do what we can to take care of it. Because of this, we will be taking steps toward becoming a greener company.

What this means: Currently, our products are wrapped up in plastic sealable sleeves to keep them neat as we store them and ship them out. It may take us a bit to get rid of what plastic we currently have but eventually, we will eliminate these. We will also be taking steps toward reducing our paper trail and looking into recycling reward programs we can offer you all.

Promoting Self Love

Love directed at any person, place, or thing, begins with self-love. How we feel about ourselves is projected from within and outward into the world. When we are bursting with love, we share that love as we interact with life throughout the day. When we beat ourselves up, criticize ourselves, become angry with our emotions, and get frustrated with our progress, our mental well-being suffers and, consequently, the world is a little less bright that day. Let’s be clear right here and right now. We’re not saying that if you get angry, sad, hurt, or down that this is a representation of the love you have for yourself. These can be genuine emotions and they are perfectly fine to have. What we’re saying is that how the internal conversation in your mind plays out around these emotions demonstrates your level of self-love and self-compassion. Self-love should be the basis from which all mental dialogue comes from.

What this means: It’s probably fair to say that we all believe the world could use a little more love. There have been some wild and crazy things going on and we can’t be the only ones who are tired of seeing such tragedies. The bottom line is this, those who don’t hurt, don’t hurt others; or, on the flipside, those who love themselves, love others. Because self-love is imperative, we will be creating inspiring self-love posts that will help individuals to identify loving mental patterns and destructive mental patterns. We will also be uploading helpful, love-boosting information as to promote a better world overall.

Advocating Philosophy and Promoting Self Development

Philosophy (“philo” meaning love and “sophia” meaning wisdom) literal means the love of wisdom. More than just a pursuit of knowledge, philosophy teaches us to analyze, assess, and reason. It is an instrument for acquiring and sharpening critical thinking and problem-solving skills. When it comes to self-development, philosophy plays a key role in how we grow as individuals. Self-development philosophy is something that comes very natural to us at the HQ. We’re constantly seeking out ways to be better and make the most out of the life we live. Because it is so inherent, we’ve decided to embrace our philosophical side and incorporate it into the brand.

What this means: Our posts are going to be AWESOME. They’ll be more genuine, thought-provoking, and hopefully far more helpful than any one-lined quote we could ever post. We’ve already posted a few of these mindful posts so if you haven’t seen them yet be sure to check them out on our Instagram or Facebook.

Nutritional Educationalist

Like philosophy, nutrition is also something of a hobby for us at HQ. We’re constantly reading up on the latest studies, reading books on the subject, and taking courses whenever we can. Because of this, we have acquired a pretty substantial amount of nutritional information. Nutrition is an important aspect of fitness, health, and wellbeing at large but it also happens to be somewhat of a confusing topic due to the considerable amount of conflicting information that is out and about in the world. For these reasons, we’ve decided to incorporate this element into the brand.

What this means: Prepare to be fact up! We’ve recently launched a new post series on our social medium called Healthy Bites. In these posts, we highlight different food items and offer an explanation of what they can do for our health and how we can use them for gains. We also provide you with a quick way to prepare them so you’re instantly ready to reap the nutritional benefits. If you follow us on Instagram, be sure to turn on the post notifications for us so don’t miss a Healthy Bite!

Mental and Physical Fitness

Mental and physical fitness is the foundation we originally built this business on. In fact, it was so important to us that our vision was to be the top leader and promoter of mental and physical fitness. Currently, this vision is still written throughout all of our philosophy materials. Though it will probably be rewritten soon to incorporate all of the features listed above, it is still an important key component of our brand. This is largely due to the direct effect both have on an individual’s quality of life. When the quality of one’s life is increased, there is a greater inclination to put one’s best foot forward. We believe that when we live in the purest and highest versions of ourselves, we do more, see more, believe more, and achieve more. The more people who aim to reach their greatest potential, the brighter the world will be. This is why mental and physical fitness are a fundamental aspect of our business.

What this means: We’ve made a long list of topics that we would like to cover under the categories of mental and physical fitness. Over the last several months we have blogged and then stopped blogging; blogged and then stopped blogging. This is in large part due to the back and forth issue we described in the first paragraph. This is over, though. Consider our blog officially back on. We will be posting to this blog once every two weeks and then making them available to read on Tuesdays. With all of the other projects that we have going one, this seems to be a very manageable number of entries. We will be cranking out the items on the list that we have created but also feel free to recommend topics for us to cover.

The Wrap Up

We at HQ are extremely excited about this new Gympire. We feel that it is the color we have been looking for within the outline of our brand. With a clarification of the brand’s identity and a different intent, we are confident that we can bring the value to our community that we have been preaching about.

Let us close out this entry by saying thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your interest in Gympire. Thank you for showing us support and thank you for joining us on this journey. We truly appreciate the love you have shown us and we can’t wait to give it all back to you. Thank you for being a part of Team Gympire.

Gympire HQ



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